High technology fabric softshell babywearing coat

Soft Shell is a type of tissue. This fabric is made of 3 different layers to create a unique combination of fabric (polyester outside, a breathable membrane and micro fleece).
Each of the three layers of material has a specific function:
* The dense texture and elasticity of the outer fabric makes this garment wind and waterproof.

Softshell for baby wearing coat

Softshell for baby wearing coat


* The micro membrane interlayer contains thousands of tiny pores, small enough to prevent water from passing, but large enough to allow perspiration vapor to keep you dry and comfortable body temperature.
* The inner layer of micro fleece warms up and makes the fabric soft and pleasant on the skin.
Breathability, protection from wind and rain are the main features of the soft shell. The soft shells can be used as part of a system of insulation or protective because it is a tissue that regulates body temperature, protecting from the rain.
What are the advantages of Soft Shell


Soft shell has many advantages, some of which are hidden and others more evident.
* The unique structure of the fabric allows perspiration, preventing the passage of the elements.
* The temperature control is made possible by the inner membrane, eliminating the need to wear or remove a leader in the event of excessive cold or heat, is particularly useful for example in sports such as skiing or hiking.
* The fabric is light and becomes like a second skin, an important feature during sports activities.
* The outer layer of polyester provides a high level of color fastness, stability and deformability.
* The strength of the soft shell is that it is windproof and breathable at the same time.

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